String Inverter

SMA Solar Inverter

  Maximum efficiency of 97 %

  Multi-string technology in all power classes .

  Maximum DC input voltage of 750 V .

  Integrated grid management functions and reactive power provision .

  Without fanEasier and wall mounting .

  SUNCLIX DC plug-in system and Fast connection, no tools required .

  Simple country configuration and Bluetooth® technology as standard .

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ABB Solar Inverter

  Single phase output and Wide input range

  Transformerless topology .

  Each inverter is set on specific grid codes which can be selected in the field.

  High speed and precise MPPT algorithm for real time power tracking and improved energy harvesting

  Flat efficiency curves ensure high efficiency at all output levels ensuring consistent and stable performance across the entire input voltage and output power range .

  Natural convection cooling for maximum reliability .

  − RS-485 communication interface (for connection to laptop or datalogger).

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Sungrow Solar Inverter

  Max. input voltage 600V, compatible with different PV panel and string design

  Dual MPPT, compatible with different residential rooftop system design .

  Only 11kg, easy for handling and installation .

  Ultra-quiet, suitable for residential use

  Access to home WiFi system, easy to enjoy the online monitoring.

  Wireless communication design, intelligent mobile phone local and remote monitoring .

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Goodwee Solar Inverter